Monday, September 8, 2014

Looking For Alaska

Hello, My name is Jessica
I'm 14 years old and I study at Global Jaya International School.
Currently I'm reading a book called "Looking for Alaska" by John Green, yes John Green is a famous author, he's best sellers book are "The fault in our Stars (Which end up being a movie too) and Paper towns. Personally I think John Green is a very creative and good author, I always ended up liking his books after reading them.

A short summary about the book I'm currently reading is about a boy name Miles who is moving to a dorm school from a basic school. He liked reading author's biographies, he never actually read any of what the authors write. He wants to move to the dorm school because he wants to seek for some "Great perhaps" to know the great perhaps he think that he wants to trace his favorite author journey which is going to Dorm school. he went to the dorm school that his father went before.

I just started reading this book only for a few days, so basically i'm still in the first paragraph so I haven't got so many things to share. But so far I liked the story, it have like mysterious stories after it, so I'm really looking forward to finish reading this book.